Are your trees growing too close to power lines? Do they need to be trimmed?

Did you know, nearly a quarter of power cuts are caused by trees and branches connecting with our power lines?

During storms or high winds, the chance of your trees coming into contact with a line increase even further.

If your branches are within four meters of a power line, contact Unison for help with getting your trees trimmed safely.

To ensure you remain safe around electricity, request a quote to get your trees trimmed today.

Get my trees trimmed

Digging or Staking? Have You Located Your Cables?

Planning on planting a new tree, staking a sign, or digging a trench?

Before digging or staking around power boxes, power poles, on your property or in a grass verge, you need to contact Unison first to organise a cable location.

Unison has a large network of underground cables and it’s your responsibility to ensure you locate all underground services including electric cables before undertaking earthworks or digging.

Damaging underground cables can cause, serious injury, potentially fatal, through electric shock, electrical arcs, and flames. You could also cause mass power outages affecting your entire neighbourhood.

For existing customers connected to our electricity or fibre optic network, Unison will locate our cables at or near your property boundary free of charge.

To ensure you remain safe around cables, book your cable location today.

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