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Last Team of Heroes Found for Unison's Halftime Heroes

June 25, 2015
Congratulations to our very last 'Halftime Heroes' winning tea - the Havelock North Intermediate Eagles!


Thanks to Eva Collier, who entered this awesome team of heroes, the Havelock North Intermediate Eagles will get to enjoy a meal at Breakers Restaurant - worth $150!

That's a wrap! Thank you to all those who entered Unison's Halftime Heroes competition for 2015 and a big congratulations to our winning teams! We hope you enjoy your meal out!

Havelock North Blue Ferns named as Unison's Game of the Week!

June 25, 2015
The Havelock North Blue Ferns are jumping for joy this week, after being named as game of the week new logoUnison's Game of the Week!

Unison's videographer will be courtside on Saturday, to film this bunch of Year 6 junior netball players as they go head to head against the Te Mata Crusaders!

Sophie Phillips nominated the Havelock North Primary School Blue Ferns for Unison's Game of the Week because...

"They are such a great bunch of Year 6 girls that are so dedicated and enthusiastic with the game. They follow the Pulse Netball team to learn lots of tips! It would be so great for them to get a video of them all playing as they have all been together for 6 years and this is their last year together..... Next year they will all be at different schools."

Congratulations Blue Ferns! Check back here next week to see your awesome Game of the Week video!

Two Winners for Taupo Great Photo Competition

June 24, 2015
Well done to our Taupo 'Great Photo' winners for the week - Danielle Hackshaw and Abi Cane!

Danielle sent in this awesome shot of Bridan Hackshaw from Waipahihi Fabulous perfecting his hockey skills!


Abi Cane sent in this great photo of Robbie Cane from the Reporoa Rebels in action!


Danielle and Abi will each receive a $25 Rebel Sport voucher plus, their photos will feature in the Taupo Weekender this week! Thanks for the awesome photos ladies!

Powerman's Last Player of the Week!

June 22, 2015
powerman POW logo-01Powerman has selected his fifth and final 'Player of the Week', with RORY SINGER taking out the prestigious title!

Rory was nominated for Powerman's Player of the Week by Nicky Singer because...

Rory (7) deserves to be Powerman's Player of the week as he is so passionate about his rugby. He leads by example on and off the field, just last week he made a break and ran the length of the rugby field only to wait by the try line to pass to his team mate that hadn't yet scored a try. So far this season he has scored over 20 tries and continues to train hard, at home and at school to become a future Magpie and hurricane :). He is a lovely boy and tries his hardest in everything he does.

Congratulations Rory - we hope you enjoy the Unison goodies and $50 Rebel Sport voucher!

That's a wrap for this years Powerman Player of the Week competition - thank you to all those who entered and a big congratulations to our five winners; Zane, Paige, Jack, Jayda and Rory!

Check Out Our Greatest Supporters for June!

June 19, 2015
June’s ‘Greatest Supporters’ were randomly drawn this week, with HUNTER JORDAN and DEZIAH THOMPSON being crowned as our winners for the month!

Hunter, who plays junior rugby for the 8th grade Eskview Eels, sent in this awesome competition entry photo of him showing us he's Unison's Greatest Supporter - after creating his own Powerman mask!

Hunter Jordan

Six-year-old Deziah, showed us he is Unison's Greatest Supporter by sending in this great action shot of him playing rugby for the Tamatea Pukana's

   Deziah Thompson

With both winners being avid rugby players, they have each been given a rugby-focused mission to complete throughout the month - with all being revealed early next week!

Stay tuned to see what awesome things Hunter and Deziah will be doing this month and how they get on with completing their mission!

To enter your Hawke's Bay junior rugby, netball or hockey player into our Greatest Supporter competition, CLICK HERE!

Powerman Selects Junior Hockey Star as Player of the Week

June 16, 2015
Powerman has made his selection for 'Player of the Week' this week and the winner is....powerman POW logo-01

Jayda, who plays junior hockey for the Taradale Cheetahs, was nominated for Powerman's Player of the Week by Sharlene Olsen because..

"Jayda deserves to be 'Player of the Week' as every week Jayda shows an enthusiasm for hockey both on and off the field. Jayda regularly practices for hockey and encourages her friends to do so on play dates!

Jayda leads by example - both on and off the field she shows determination, encourages others to do their best, provides a positive caring attitude and always has a smile at hand!"

Congratulations Jayda! Powerman is looking forward to meeting you and presenting you with you $50 Rebel Sport voucher and Unison goodies!

Parkvale Hockey Team Named as Halftime Heroes

June 15, 2015
Congratulations to the Parkvale School junior hockey team who were named as our Halftime Heroes this week!


MoreFM presented this lucky team with a $150 Breakers voucher and other goodies to share! We hope you enjoy your meal at Breakers!

This is the last week to get your entries into our Halftime Heroes competition! So make sure you enter your Hawke's Bay junior netball or hockey team HERE

Mission Complete for Ella Manning!

June 15, 2015
Unison's Greatest Supporter for May, Ella Manning has successfully completed her mission for the month, after submitting an outstanding song about electrical safety!

Having been tasked with a safety focussed ‘mission’, to write a song, rap or poem around electrical safety, Ella took inspiration for her song lyrics from the safety messages on Unison's public website.

We visited Ella and Room 17 at Frimley School earlier this week to film all the action!

With teacher, Mr Russ on the guitar and Ella's classmates on backing vocals, Ella performed her electrical safety song to the tune of Stan Walker's hit song, 'Take it Easy'!

WOW, were we blown away - Ella's song rocked!


Ella's Song

To thank Ella and Room 17 for all their hard work, the class shared a morning tea of chocolate ‘Greatest Supporter’ cupcakes.  

Ella also received her cool prize pack, which included a Rebel Sport voucher, Lego and a little something for mum and dad too!


Verse 1

Unison, safety first,
don’t go near a power box
don’t fly kites in to power poles
stay away from fallen lines

Pre Chorus
Call before you cut
be careful where you dig
keep yourself safe
so just check it all out, check it all out

You gotta check your sockets, switches, cords and lights.
Heaters and blankets
You’ll be fine

Verse 2
Climbing poles, is not safe
fly a kite well away
Be safe around electricity
it can travel through and give you a shock

(Chorus) (Pre-Chorus)

Clive Chiefs - Here is your video!

June 15, 2015
On Saturday 13 June, our videographer was down at Tareha Rec Reserve to film our Game of the Week winners - the 10th GRADE CLIVE CHIEFS as they went head to head against the TRS KIA Hurricanes!

Check out all the highlights from the game here!


Nate Bailey Completes his Mission for May!

June 12, 2015
Unison's Greatest Supporter for May, Nate Bailey has successfully completed his mission for May, after submitting a video of him teaching his baby sister a thing or two about electrical safety!Mission Complete -1-220x180

Having been tasked with a safety focussed ‘mission’, to write a song, rap or poem around electrical safety, Nate's video shows him telling his sister how to stay safe around Unison's electrical assets out in the community.
In return for successfully completing his mission, Nate was presented his awesome prize pack, today during hockey practice.

His team mates were also lucky enough to be treated to a chocolate 'Greatest Supporter' cupcake!

Thanks Nate - you've definitely shown us you're Unison's Greatest Supporter!

To view Nate's mission video - CLICK HERE!