Critical cable location services only during lockdown

Unison staff are in lockdown and will not be undertaking Cable Location Services unless they are critical in nature. Please can you hold off sending any non-critical requests through until the Govt lockdown is over.

Find Underground Cables

For the safety of you, and those around you, it's important to know what's under the ground before you start any digging or excavation work. 
To assist you in accurately locating any electricity or fibre-optic cables within Unison’s network area, Unison provides Cable Location services. This service ensures any digging you intend to carry out can be done without any risk of hitting underground Unison-owned electricity or fibre-optic cables. 

What is a Cable Location service?

This service includes the provision of plans (where available) to indicate the approximate location of underground network cables and/or the on-site mark out of Unison-owned cables. In most cases, this service is offered free of charge.  

  • For customers connected to the Unison network, or private land-owners, who are looking to locate underground network cables on their property or near the property boundary, this service is provided free of charge. 

  • For customers connected to the Unison network, or private land-owners, who are looking to locate privately-owned service main cables (the service line which runs from the road boundary to your mains switch or meter board), customers are entitled to one location service per year, free of charge. Additional requests may incur a charge. 

  • For all infrastructure owners, utility asset owners (including territorial authorities) and all utility corridor contractors working in the utility corridor, Unison offers location services for which charges apply (see the schedule of charges below). 

Unison does not own or have records of other private electricity installation cables and wiring which may be inside your property, such as cables which could run from a house to a garage, or from a garage to a pool. Please contact your local electrician to locate privately owned services.

Cable Location and Mark-out service charges (all charges are shown exclusive of GST);

Unison provides a free Plan Service and also offers a Cable Location and Mark-out service for location of our underground electricity network and fibre-optic cables.

Plan service (provision of plans)
Cable Location and Mark-out Service of Unison-owned cables
(connected customer and private landowners)
Cable Location and Mark-out Service of privately-owned
service main cables** 
(connected customer and private landowners)
 1 x Free location service per annum
(otherwise service fee applies*)
Cable Location and Mark-out Service for infrastructure owners,
utility asset owners and utility corridor contractors
Service fee applies* 
 Service Fees  
 Travel, locating and mark-out time (8.30am - 4.30pm Mon-Fri)  $95/hr
 Mileage  $1.87/km
 Urgent (less than 3 working days) or after hours service  Surcharge applies

*The Actual Fee will be based on time and mileage.
** A privately-owned service main cable is defined as the cable from the road boundary of a property to the mains switch or meter board, whichever comes first.

This service ensures that before undertaking digging or earthworks you are aware of the location of any Unison-owned electricity or fibre-optic cables.