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Request a Permanent Disconnection


When a connection is no longer required for example, because a property is being redeveloped, a building demolished or a house removed, then the electrical installation at the property must be permanently disconnected from the network by Unison prior to any work being undertaken to ensure the installation can no longer be livened and is electrically safe.  At the same time Unison will coordinate the process of decommissioning the Installation Control Point (ICP) from the industry registry as required under the Electricity Industry Participation Code.  This will also ensure that no further charges will be billed by Unison to the electricity retailer in relation to the supply of electricity at the property.

To request a permanent disconnection please complete the form below including providing all the details that are required to enable Unison to carry this out and satisfy the requirements of the Electricity Industry Participation Code.

Please allow up to 10 working days from receipt of this request for our contractors to be on site to complete

Permanent Disconnection Request
I require a permanent disconnection to disconnect my property/building/installation from the electricity network permanently and decommission the ICP
Requestor Details
15 character alpha numeric number that uniquely identifies the installation point to be permanently disconnected.
Property Owner Details
Contact Details For Occupants
Permanent Disconnection Agreement
I confirm the request for permanent disconnection and agree that I will not undertake demolition/removal/or other works until I have received confirmation in writing from Unison Networks that permanent disconnection has been completed.
I understand there are costs associated with performing a permanent disconnection and agree to pay the standard permanent disconnection charge ($250 plus GST). I acknowledge that should there be additional costs for removal of network assets I will need to enter an agreement with Unison for their removal and associated costs.

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