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High level of demand and long lead time for materials
leading to delays in completing customer projects

We work as quickly as we can to process requests for new connections, upgrades and other work on our network. We are currently experiencing a high level of demand for customer work requests, as well as significantly long lead times for some electrical equipment to arrive due to global shipping delays. Please be aware it is currently taking up to three months for non-design projects to be completed and up to nine months for complex projects where detailed design is required. We recommend that you engage with Unison as soon as possible in your planning process. Your project is important to us, so we thank you for your patience, as we work our way through the current market challenges.

Get Power to my Property

We are responsible for electricity connections in Hawke's Bay, Rotorua and Taupo.

Our New Connection process offers a range of electrical connection services, including:

  • Establishing electricity connections to new properties.
  • Planning and delivering electrical reticulation and connection for subdivisions and commercial developments.
  • Establishing Builder’s Temporary Supply (BTS).

To request an electrical connection you will need to engage an electrician and complete our online new connection NC1 form.

Fill out Unison's New Connection NC1 form online

Estimate to connect

If you require an estimate for Unison to provide electrical reticulation and connections for your development or need Unison to underground or relocate existing network infrastructure, please fill out the 'Get an estimate to connect' form at the link below.

Important information for electricians and developers

Pass the NC1 form on to your electrician to complete. Your electrician will then lodge the form with the energy retailer you have nominated. Your energy retailer will then note your request and lodge it with Unison.


Get Power to my Subdivision

If your subdivision is located near UnisonFibre's network, we can install fibre with your electricity infrastructure, saving you money and ensuring your development is connected to the network of the future.