Get Fibre to My Property

UnisonFibre is the wholesale provider of ultra-fast broadband, via an extensive open access fibre optic network, constructed using world-class equipment. We are passionate about providing a quality fibre network that will allow Retail Service Providers to offer high speed fibre solutions to customers.

We believe in not only delivering a quality fibre network, but reinforcing this promise with exceptional customer service through our local specialist fibre team, with the support of global broadband infrastructure supplier, Alcatel Lucent.


What is Fibre Anyway?

Fibre is the next evolution of internet connectivity. It will give Kiwi's much faster broadband connections and download speeds than they get today, radically transforming the way organisations and people communicate and use technology. Watch the video below to see how it all works!

Why Choose Fibre?

If your business is accessing a fibre-optic business broadband service, it can lead to productivity improvements, increased revenue and cost savings. The primary benefits of having fibre-optic network home broadband come down to convenience and fun! Many New Zealanders are looking forward to having ultra-fast home broadband because it opens up a range of entertainment opportunities

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UnisonFibre has an extensive fibre network in Hawke's Bay, Taupo and Rotorua.

Is UnisonFibre Available in Your Area?

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Retail Service Providers

As an open access platform, our network also gives you the freedom to choose from a number of service providers, and take advantage of retail competition for all ICT services. Choosing a telecommunications retailer offering UnisonFibre will ensure you can access technology that will open the door to a whole new way of doing things!

To connect to our fibre-optic network, contact one of our Retail Service Providers and find out how they can help you move into the fast lane with UnisonFibre.