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Get connected to fibre

We can get you connected to our world-class fibre network.

Get connected to Fibre

Getting connected to the UnisonFibre network is as easy as A, B, C. Once you have placed an order with your preferred Internet Service Provider from our partners. We’ll be in contact to schedule the first onsite visit.


Agree your Install Plan

A UnisonFibre planner will visit your property to assess your premises, discuss the best installation method and agree with you on the plan for your installation. You will need to be home to agree and sign an installation agreement for UnisonFibre to complete this work.


Build your Fibre

A UnisonFibre technician will build your fibre connection from our network on the street to a small grey box on the exterior of your premises called an external termination point (ETP). You don’t need to be home for this part.


Connect your Premises

Finally, a UnisonFibre technician will connect the fibre to a small box in your house called an optical network terminal (ONT) where your ultra-fast broadband router will be located. You will need to be home for this step.

Getting Connected Guide

Download our getting connected guide for a comprehensive step by step guide to getting
connected to the Unisonfibre network.

Register Your Interest to Connect

Getting connected to our network is fast, easy and affordable, to register your interest fill out our online form at the link below.

UnisonFibre has an extensive fibre network in Hawke's Bay, Taupo and Rotorua.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What is an ETP?
The ETP or external termination point, is a small grey box installed by UnisonFibre on the outside of your premises at the point where the fibre enters the premises. It acts as a cover and protects the fibre from damage and from the weather.

What is an ONT?
The ONT or optical network terminal is a small white box with a UnisonFibre sticker installed inside your premises that connects our fibre cable to your broadband router. The ONT requires power and is generally installed next to your broadband router. The ONT is owned by UnisonFibre.

Where is the best location to install the ONT?
Ideally you should install the ONT next to your broadband router and near any high broadband consumption devices such as smart TV’s as these need to be connected together. These all need power and should be in a central location in your premises to improve your wi-fi signal. Your UnisonFibre planner will discuss the best location options with you at your initial meeting.

Can I change my appointment time with the UnisonFibre planner or technician?
Yes, but please give us as much notice as possible by calling us on 0800 2 FIBRE.

Will my installation cost anything?
Standard installations for UnisonFibre are generally free, but if your installation falls outside of a standard installation and may incur a cost, our fibre planner will discuss this with you at your initial meeting. Also, if you require additional items such as extra data jack points, these may cost extra too. Again, your fibre planner will discuss these with you prior to you signing your installation agreement so you know what they will cost before.