Report a problem
or damage

Spotted graffiti on a power box, or seen shoes hanging off power lines?

With over 10,000km of network, and thousands of electrical assets, we need your help to find out about damage to our equipment.

Call 0800 2 UNISON (0800 2 86476)
immediately if you find a damaged or open power box, fallen power lines or other damage to electrical assets which may cause serious injury.

Use the form on the right to report any non-urgent problems or damage to power poles, lines, or boxes, or other electrical equipment on our network. Our staff will assess the problem as soon as possible.

Call the Police on 111
immediately, If you see someone interfering with any electrical equipment such as power boxes or power poles, and stay clear of the area until it is deemed safe by Unison.

Type of Unison equipment that has been graffitied, damaged, or interfered with:

If you have a photo of the damaged asset, you can attach it below:
Attachment option: Plans, Google Map etc