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Unison Power Park Pricing and Payment


To celebrate the launch of our latest Power Park at Putorino, charging is currently free until 3 December 2018.  After that our powering-up price will be the same for all our fast-chargers, 40c / kWh. So a typical charge will cost around $8.00.  Please note, the cost to power up will depend on the size of the battery and its start/end states of charge.


As an EV owner you will need to register to gain instant access to using the charger and you will be able to pay simply through a standard and secure payment system. You can register here.

The process to register is easy to complete. When you register, you will be couriered an RFID fob card that gives you access to the fast charger network.  The fobs are easy to use, you just tap it against the front of the charger to activate. We also strongly recommend you provide your phone number so we can assist with any issues or provide you with useful tips in the future.

Accounts are enabled by attaching a VISA or MasterCard to make payment. At the end of each month Unison’s billing agent, Charge Net, will email you a statement and your credit card will be charged (with at least 7 days’ notice). 

Fast chargers require significant investment to purchase and install.  When you charge you are paying for the use of the fast charger and the electricity consumed to top-up your EV.

By using a Unison Power Park, you agree to Unison’s Terms & Conditions, so please ensure you read these, and contact us if you have any questions prior to charging your vehicle.