Major Projects in My Area

At Unison we’re committed to providing you with a reliable power supply. So, to ensure your network remains resilient, we routinely undertake maintenance and upgrade projects.

Our Commitment to You
We understand that our large-scale projects can cause inconveniences for our customers, so we do our best to keep you up-to-date with information about how the project is tracking and how you may be affected.

Our paramount concern is always the safety of our customers, and at all times during the course of the project we will ensure our contractors comply with our public safety standards.

If you have any enquiries, concerns or compliments relating to a Unison project, get in touch with us.

Find out more about projects we are currently undertaking in your region below.

Hawke's Bay

 Faraday Cable Upgrade Project
From September 2017, Unison will be upgrading part of the high voltage underground cabling that runs between the Faraday Zone Substation and surrounding 11kV feeders in the area. 

Find out more about the Faraday Cable Upgrade project 

Campbell Street Network Upgrade 

From late December 2017 to late January 2018, Unison will be upgrading the overhead power lines, insulators on several poles and one power pole along Campbell Street, Havelock North. 

Find out more about the Campbell Street Network Upgrade project


Wairakei Pastoral Dairy Farm Conversion, Broadlands, Taupo.

Wairakei Pastoral Limited and its partner, Landcorp Farming, are developing 25,000 hectares of forestry land around the Taupo area into 32 new dairy, requiring us to establish significant new infrastructure to support what will become the single largest dairy unit in the world.

Find out more about the Wairakei Pastrol dairy conversion project »


Waipa Zone Substation Development Project

In August 2015, Unison will undertake a seven month project to install a 33kV feeder from Transpower’ s Rotorua GXP to a new zone substation on Waipa State Mill Road.

Find out more about the Waipa Zone Substation Development project »