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Your solar pricing questions answered

We've been listening to your questions about why Unison has introduced a DG Price Category for customers with solar panels connected to our network, and how this fits with moving New Zealand toward a sustainable future.  We've pulled together the information you need to better understand Unison's position in a 'question and answer' format.

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Solar fast facts

Here is a quick overview of the things you should consider when thinking about installing solar energy.

Give me the fast facts on solar


How green is solar energy?

Environmental concerns have been a key reason for developed countries to promote solar energy, so how important is solar uptake in New Zealand? 

Find out more about how green solar energy is
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Solar calculator

Unison's solar benefits calculator is based on data from our own trials, and incorporates the cost of financing your purchase, as well as potential future changes to electricity pricing.

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Your investment decision

Solar energy can help you save money on your electricity bill, but make sure you're informed on how to calculate the costs and the benefits.

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Energy self-sufficiency

Having solar energy means you are less reliant on the electricity network, but can you go completely ‘off-grid’?

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Solar Technology

So what is a solar energy system? What size do you need? How does it work? We answer your techy questions.

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