Am I on the UnisonFibre Network?

We’ve already built over 700 kilometres of fibre optic network throughout the regions of Napier, Hastings, Taupo and Rotorua, and our network continues to grow daily! We continue to extend into more business and residential areas, so you can enjoy the benefits of ultra fast broadband!

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Pick a provider!

With a growing number of telecommunications retailers joining our network, you can choose from a range of fibre internet and phone packages to suit your business or residential needs.

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What is Fibre and Why is it superior?

Want to know why fibre is the telecommunication technology of the future? Find out what makes this tiny glass strand faster and more reliable than the current copper network.

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Communities Fibre P-lax

Connecting Communities

Find out more about how UnisonFibre is connecting communities

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What Difference will Fibre Make to Me?

With exceptional bandwidth, fibre opens up a whole new world of technology that can change how you work, play, and communicate.

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