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Fibre for my property development

Fibre for my property development

New home buyers are increasingly demanding homes with access to ultra-fast broadband fibre. It is no longer good enough to market a new home that isn't UFB ready.

UnisonFibre can help consult, connect and install our world-class ultra-fast UFB fibre network to your property development or subdivision. This gives you an edge in your marketing to satisfy buyer demand without breaking the bank.

Find out why developers love working with UnisonFibre and how to get a quote for your development.

Why choose UnisonFibre?

We make it easy

Our experience building out our fibre network through Greenfield and Brownfield property developments means we can guide you through the process, making it easy to gain council sign-off.

We’re local and accessible

We’re your local fibre network provider which means we are responsive when you need us. And because we are part of the Unison Group, we are owned by you.

We’re resourceful

We take a resourceful approach to our network builds, maximising value and minimising cost to you.

Highest quality

Our installations are completed by our own in-house technicians to a high standard of workmanship. You won’t hear about dodgy fibre installs from our team, we take pride in our work.


We do what we say we will do, on time and on budget. You can rely on UnisonFibre.

Get a quote for your development

To get a quote for UnisonFibre to install an ultra-fast broadband fibre network to your development, call us on 0800 2 FIBRE (0800 2 34273). We will need:

  1. The location of your development
  2. The number of lots you require to be connected, and
  3. A plan of the development.

We’ll take care of the rest.

Process to get your property development connected
  1. Get a quote

    a) Get in touch with us as early as possible to organise a quote. This means we can align with the other services being installed to your development, without adding unnecessary extra cost.

    b) Provide us with the location, number of lots and a plan.

    c) UnisonFibre will provide a quote, plan and an agreement to complete the works.

  2. Complete the agreement

    a) Sign and return the agreement, authorising UnisonFibre to undertake works as detailed in the quote.

    b) Pay the invoice for any contribution that is required.

  3. Update us on progress

    a) Provide UnisonFibre with periodic updates about progress with your development, paying specific attention to when services are being installed.

  4. Network build

    a) UnisonFibre builds the network as detailed in your quote to the agreed lots or dwellings.

  5. Sign-off

    a) UnisonFibre will provide you with a 244 certificate for council sign-off and consent as the works are completed.

  6. Ready for service

    a) Ultra-fast broadband services are now ready for your customers to order from one of our ISP partners

Contact us

If you have any other questions about getting UnisonFibre installed to your property development, please call us on 
0800 2 FIBRE (0800 2 34273).