Fibre to my Business

We’re passionate about delivering a superior fibre infrastructure to help your business succeed

In partnership with our retailers, you can enjoy speeds up to 1 GBPS and beyond, opening up the range of technology and benefits available to your business.

So how will connecting to fibre make my business better?

The exceptional bandwidth of fibre makes new technology available which can help boost productivity and reduce your costs, as well as provide real-time business continuity options.

The range of fibre-based telecommunications technology available continues to grow, but here is an example of how you can use fibre to boost your business.

Internet based telephone (VoIP) services.

No, this is not Skype -VoIP uses a private IP network to ensure you get a high quality of service (none of that cutting out or freezing up). You won’t even notice the change, with VoIP phones looking just like your standard office phones, with a few extra benefits to boot. International tolls rates are highly competitive, if not cheaper, plus the consolidation of data and voice services also reduces your telecommunications costs as you no longer need both copper based and fibre based connections.

Cloud based software and storage

Accounting products such as Xero, and online storage solutions like SkyDrive, DropBox, and Google Drive are examples of commonly used Cloud based software and storage. By using online storage solutions, you reduce your capital expenditure on hardware and maintenance, plus have the added benefit of the providers own backup service, reducing your risk of losing data.

Video calling

Again, this isn’t Skype – video conferencing allows you to have a face-to-face meeting using a private IP link, much like VoIP but with video. You’ll need some specific hardware, but after the set-up costs, the savings can be significant.

In fact, we’ve used it at Unison! With depots located in three regions, having important meetings or training sessions involves down-time for staff required to travel to meetings (resulting in lost productivity), plus vehicle expenses, accommodation and related travel costs. We calculated the cost savings in one year to be in excess of $100,000!

Off-site data backup

No more asking the office manager to take home the back up tapes! Businesses can now have an off-site location where data is backed up in real time, so if disaster hits (such as a fire or earthquake), you may only loose hours rather than days or weeks of important information. The second benefit is that your business can be back up and running from another location quickly, reducing downtime and lost income.

Is it affordable?

With prices starting at levels similar to copper-based ADSL services, fibre is now really affordable. Of course the price varies based on the connection speed you choose, and what fibre-services you choose from your internet provider - much like choosing your telephone plan. You will need to choose a provider based on the level of service and pricing that best meets the need of your business.

How do I connect?

You can use our website to check if fibre is available to your business, as well as register your interest to connect - check out the links to your right.

Chat to your internet provider and ask about fibre for your business. If your internet provider does not offer fibre-based internet solutions, you can also use our website to find a list of UnisonFibre retailers in your region.