Fibre to my Home

Whether you have a house full of devices, or a passion for streaming movies or sports, a home fibre connection can bring your home entertainment to a whole new level.

With more and more of our entertainment provided over the internet, now is a great time to say goodbye to that ‘spinning wheel of death’ and enjoy fast, high quality internet connectivity.

So why would I need fibre in my home?

Bandwidth for all!

If your home or flat has a number of internet connected devices such as a desktop computer, tablets, and smart phones you might find your internet connection gets a little slow. With many modern devices working in the background to keep your news feeds fresh and your apps updated, these devices are using the internet even if you aren’t.

Fibre provides greater bandwith, so, depending on your RSP's backhaul capacity, there is the capability for plenty to go around, even during peak internet usage times.

Online gaming

That micro pause on your copper connection could mean life or death… well in a game of Call of Duty anyway! And with over 100 million players world-wide, with fibre you can ensure you’re competing on a level playing field with your opponents from around the world.

Work from home

Home businesses and working remotely are becoming cost-effective and productive options for professionals thanks to a range of new telecommunications technologies.

With fibre enabling options like VoIP, video conferencing, and cloud-based services, working from home enables you to work in real-time with colleagues and customers no matter the geographical distance between you.

With a high quality fibre connection, you will experience a better quality connection, faster upload and download speeds, and access to a wider range of online data storage and backup solutions.

Stream movies and sports

With more and more online entertainment options such as Netflix and Premier League Pass, plus the continuing increase in TV on Demand sites, more and more of our entertainment is available online.

An ultra-fast fibre connection ensures you can watch content without the dreaded ‘buffering’ time, or downloads that take a day. You can watch what you want, when you want, without waiting.

Cheaper calling options

Over fibre, you can use online messaging systems like Skype to keep in touch with your friends and relatives overseas. And while this is still available on copper (ADSL, VDSL or VDSL2), at peak times you may find face-to-face calling has quality issues that the speed and bandwidth of fibre doesn’t. And, in addition to cutting down on expensive long-distance tolls from your landline, changing your landline to a ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’ service means you only pay one line rental cost as you no longer need both copper based and fibre based connections!

VoIP uses a private IP network to ensure you get a high quality of service (none of that cutting out or freezing up). You won’t even notice the change, with VoIP phones looking just like your standard phones, with a few extra benefits to boot. And if you do need to make calls from your home phone, tolls rates are highly competitive, if not cheaper.