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Health and Safety Policy Statement

We care for the safety of our people, families and communities.

'Safety and Wellbeing’ is the first of our five core values which steers us to achieve best and leading health and safety practices.

We are committed to ensuring our workers go home to their families in the same, if not better condition than when they came to work. This extends to every area of our business, the people in the communities we serve and any visitors to our workplace.

At Unison we:

  • take personal responsibility for the health and safety of ourselves and our team mates
  • understand that anything we do may impact the health and safety of others
  • actively engage and understand our health and safety policies and procedures, while keeping up to date with changes and initiatives within the industry
  • promote health and safety awareness and encourage others to make it one of their core values
  • take a proactive approach to our personal wellbeing and maintain a healthy work-life balance, and
  • care and show understanding towards others, offering support where needed.

We live our ‘Safety and Wellbeing’ value by:

  • making health and safety the top priority for workers across all levels of the organisation
  • ensuring compliance and operating to best practice in all areas of the business
  • ensuring our workers have the appropriate skills and confidence to be safe at work
  • designing workplaces and tasks to ensure that all risks are as low as reasonably practicable
  • fostering a culture of continuous improvement in health and safety management, through consultation and participation with our workers, suppliers, external experts and leaders
  • sharing safety messaging and learnings with our workers, customers, industry and communities
  • conducting immediate and accurate reporting on incidents, injuries and illnesses, and learning from our findings
  • supporting the safe and early return to work for workers
  • monitoring health and safety performance through monthly reporting against key performance indicators
  • regularly reviewing health and safety issues and objectives with the Health and Safety committee
  • ensuring health and safety expectations are regularly communicated and reinforced with all workers through performance reviews, communication and team meetings
  • providing a workplace that has a positive impact on physical and mental health with an effective wellbeing programme which includes a smoke free environment, and
  • actively encouraging our workers to stop if something feels unsafe.

We can all positively impact and make a difference to health and safety.

Be safe by thinking safe!

Ken Southerland Signature

Ken Sutherland

Group Chief Executive
Unison Networks Ltd

Date: 15 July 2020

Form issued under HS0001 Health and Safety Policy. Uncontrolled when printed. Classification – public.