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Be Aware, Electricity Kills Programme

Ensure your employees are aware of the dangers of working near electrical assets.

Our ‘Be Aware, Electricity Kills’ education programme will ensure they know about safe working distances required around live electricity, and how to avoid electrical accidents on the job.

Delivered free to contractors working in close proximity to electrical assets, attendees will learn important safety measures which must be taken when working near assets such as power lines, underground cables and power boxes. Unsafe work practices around electricity can result in serious injury or death – and significant reparation costs for your business.

The programme also explains the services we offer that will ensure your employees can work safely around electricity, including when and how to apply for Close Approach permits, High Load permits, cable locations and safety disconnections.

Register your company for our ‘Be Aware, Electricity Kills’ Programme to ensure the safety of your employees around electricity.

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