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Be a Hero - Safety for Kids

We use electricity almost every minute of the day. It lets us turn things on - like the lights, TV’s, fridges and ovens.

BUT, electricity can also be very powerful and very dangerous – it can travel through people and give them a shock!

Watch our safety video and learn how you can BE A HERO too!

Some important safety messages to remember

  • Stay away from power boxes, substations and electrical worksites
  • Never jump, sit, kick or poke anything inside a power box
  • Don’t throw things into power lines. If you see shoes on the power lines, do not try to get them down!
  • Flying a kite into power lines can give you a shock! Make sure you always look up and check for power lines before flying a kite
  • Stay away from power lines that have fallen on the ground. You can still get a shock!
  • Trees growing into power lines can give you a shock. Make sure you always look up and check for power lines before climbing a tree

Safe Sparks' Programme

We offer an award-winning safety education programme for schools in our areas, completely free of charge.

Safe Sparks tackles important and serious electrical safety messages, which we believe to be life-saving for the children in our community.

For more info about the Unison Safe Sparks' Programme click here