Safe Sparks Schools Programme

We offer an award-winning safety education programme for schools in our areas, completely free of charge.

Safe Sparks delivers important and serious electrical safety messages, which we believe to be life-saving for the children in our community.

Run as a two-part, indoor and outdoor session, Unison's Safe Sparks Schools Programme has specially designed sessions for different primary year levels - Junior & Middle School (Year 1 - 4) and Senior School (Year 5 - 8).

All our sessions are run for between 20 to 30 minutes and are adapted to suit your individual school bell times.

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Indoor Session

Our Programme Coordinator will take students through a fun and informative, visual presentation covering the following key topics:

  • Identifying electricity in the home, classroom and community
  • Understanding how electricity is made
  • Developing skills to keep ourselves, our friends and our family safe around electricity
  • Identifying Unison's electrical assets out in the community
Outdoor Session

Delivered by a member of our Field Staff, students are given the opportunity to get an up close look at the safety gear and equipment they use while working around electricity, along with examples of things that have been damaged by electricity.

Who are Safe Sparks?

Safe Sparks are cool kids who know how to keep themselves and others safe around electricity in their home, classroom and out in the community.

Safe Sparks are always on the lookout for electrical dangers and aren't afraid to speak out if they see a problem!




Safe Sparks Competition

To enter our Safe Sparks Writing and Drawing Competitions, simply download the files below and write a story or draw a picture that shows us how to be safe around electricity! 

Send them into the address at the bottom of the template and, if Powerman selects yours as the winner you could win an awesome prize!

Activity Books & Certificates

All students who take part in Unison's Safe Sparks Schools Programme will be presented with a follow-up activity book and certificate of completion.

Using puzzles, activities and games, our activity books are the perfect follow-up resource to our Safe Sparks Schools Programme.


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