Cable Locations

Protect Yourself from Hazard of Underground Electricity Cables

Unison has a large network of underground cables especially in urban areas. These are commonly located adjacent to roads in the utility corridor but can also be in parks, on commercial or industrial sites or even through private property. Under Health and Safety Legislation it’s your responsibility to locate all underground services including electric cables before undertaking earthworks or digging. Worksafe New Zealand publish the following guide outlining your responsibilities and safety practices working around underground services; 

Think you have a rough idea where they are?

It still pays to get the cables located.  Subsidence and earth works can cause cables to move, so when you look at the life-threatening risk of guessing and getting it wrong, it’s worth taking the time to get them located.

We use cable route tracing equipment and ground penetrating radar to locate and mark electrical cables and fibre cables.  In all situations, having underground cables located before carrying out work on or around your property is a life-saving decision.

Cable location and mark-out service

Unison provides a free plan service and also offers a cable location and mark-out service for location of our underground electricity network cables.

For existing customers connected to our electricity or our fibre optic network, Unison will locate our electricity and fibre network cables at or near your property boundary free of charge.

For owners of private land with our electricity or fibre optic network cables running through them, Unison will locate these network cables free of charge.

For privately owned cables including the service main located on your property, Unison offers a location service for which charges may apply (see the schedule of charges below).  Unison customers connected to the network are eligible for one location service for privately owned cables free of charge per annum.

For ALL infrastructure owners, utility asset owners (including territorial authorities) and ALL utility corridor contractors working in the utility corridor Unison offers a location service for which charges apply (see the schedule of charges below).

Cable Location and mark-out service charges (all charges are shown exclusive of GST);

Adhoc residential cable locations and mark-outs 


Provision of plans


Travel, locating and mark-out time
(8:30am – 4:30pm Mon-Fri)




Urgent or after hours service

Surcharge applies

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