Close Approach and High Load Permits

Electricity can jump or ‘arc’ over gaps, so even getting too close to overhead power lines can be dangerous. Many objects like trees, string, rope and water conduct electricity.  Equipment does not need to touch the line to be dangerous as electricity can jump or ‘arc’ over in a high voltage system.

Obtaining a permit is an important safety measure if you’re planning to carry out any task in close proximity to power lines or other equipment, or transport a load over five metres in height.

Close Approach Permits

You must obtain a Close Approach Permit from Unison before working within four metres of our power lines, poles or power boxes, to carry out tasks such as tree trimming or earth works.

If you need to work within four metres of our electrical equipment, we’ll require you to apply for a Close Approach Permit. This ensures we are aware of the work you will be carrying out, so can arrange the necessary precautions that will allow you to carry out your work safely.

Failing to get a permit when working within four metres of our network could result in serious injury or fatal electrocution.

Get a Close Approach permit

High Load Permits

You must obtain a High Load Permit from Unison before transporting a vehicle or load over five metres in height.

Our power lines are located about five metres above the ground so if you’re planned to transport a vehicle or load higher than our power lines, it may be necessary for us to lift the lines in certain areas, or for one of our contracting staff to escort you along part of your journey.

If you fail to obtain a High Load Permit and cause damage to our network, you could be liable for significant costs for repairs.

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