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Safety disconnections

Safety Disconnections

It's better to be safe than sorry!

We offer a free Safety Disconnection service to all customers in our network areas, so that you can work safely around your home without the risk of electrical burn injuries or electrocution.

Some DIY and maintenance jobs you might do around your property such as clearing gutters or painting may put you in danger of making contact with the service line connecting your home to the power lines in your street. Before commencing any task, check the location of your service line, and organise a Safety Disconnection if you will be within four meters of the line or have any concerns about working around live electricity to your property.

We’ll come and temporarily disconnect your power supply so you can work without risk of electrocution or serious injury. Once you’ve finished your task, we’ll reconnect the power to your home, free of charge.

Please note, charges may apply out of hours.