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Stories from the past

Terry and Josh Wairama

As we celebrate a century of powering communities, we are excited to share this special video featuring Father and Son duo, Terry and Josh Wairama, who both work at Unison. Terry has been with us since 1980, and Josh joined in 2013!

Watch the video to hear about their unique experiences and dedication to Unison. 


Craig Waters and Bob Wallace

Reflecting on a century of growth at Unison, we had the privilege to talk with former employee, Craig "Blue" Waters and current Unison Field Inspections Surveyor, Robert "Bob" Wallace. With almost 100 years of service combined, Blue and Bob share their unique experiences during their time with us. 

Watch the video to find out more about Blue and Bob's experience working at Unison! 


John Wells

Looking back on the past 100 years of Unison, we were fortunate enough to speak with former Electrical Fitter, John Wells about his 48 years with the company. 

Watch the video to find out more about John's experience working at Unison! 


Gordon Trotter

As we take a look back on 100 years of Unison we were very fortunate to speak to former employee, Gordon Trotter about his time working for us as an Electrical Fitter for over 50 years from 1967-2017. 

Hear from Gordon by watching this video!


Setu-Galo Family

Lene Galo works as a Lines Field Leader for Unison, and his two children, Leslie and Lyndsey work in Unison’s Planning and Customer Teams. Together they’ve given over 60 years service with Unison. A true Unison aiga (family)!

Watch the video to find out more about all their experiences working at Unison!


Hawke's Bay Electric Power Board's Showroom

In the early days people were actively encouraged to use electricity and try new appliances. The Hawke’s Bay Electric Power Board Showroom was more than just a place to see the latest electrical appliances, it was a place where the community could learn about living a more convenient and efficient life up until the 1990s.

Check out this video of Lynda Inglis sharing her experience of her Mum working in the Show room. 


100 Years of Powering Communities

Since our founding on 19 June 1924 as the Hawke’s Bay Electric Power Board, we have grown from a small lines company to a global group of specialist electricity companies.

This celebration has highlighted our shared history, recognising and acknowledging everyone who has been connected to Unison over the past century 

Check out this video showcasing photos from our rich history!


The Future is Electric

Thank you for joining us in celebrating this significant milestone. It has been a privilege to power our regions over the last century.

As we look forward to the next chapter, we are committed to working together to create a sustainable energy future for generations to come.