Our vision and values

“Leading a sustainable energy future.”

At Unison, our vision is to Lead a sustainable energy future.

We know you rely on us every day to provide you with essential services, whether that is by delivering power through our electricity networks, or communications and data through our fibre networks.

And we also know we can’t just stand still in how we deliver our services or in what we deliver, because the world is changing and our communities need us to be cost effective, but at the same time be able to deliver quality, reliable services.

That’s why we want to be world-class.

Being “world class” means that we will embrace new ways of doing things, like our commitment to building a smart network, and have passion and commitment to delivering our service to you efficiently, effectively, using the right solutions.

The delivery of “energy solutions” is part of our vision because there are increasingly cost effective alternatives to electricity delivered over a network. That’s why we are looking at solar PV and other technologies, as part of our ongoing research and development programme.

We also believe that world-class organisations achieve that status because of their commitment to working as a team, to developing their people, through a single aspiration and dedication to living their values.

World-class isn’t about trying to be the best in the world or gold-plating our services, but being able to consistently and persistently say we’re ‘right up there’ in delivering to our customers and our communities.

Our vision is our common goal and we are dedicated to achieving it by living our values of Safety & Wellbeing, Excellence, Customer Service, Integrity and Team Work.

We care for the safety and wellbeing of our people, families and communities.

We take pride in what we do and always look for opportunities to be the best.

We create great customer experiences by understanding our customers' needs.

We do what we say, earning respect by being honest, fair and doing the right thing.

We work together as ‘one team’.