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Diamonds Filmed for Unison's Game of the Week

Anna Marie Faavae nominated the Camberley Diamonds junior netball team for Unison's Game of the Week competition because...

"My daughters netball team from Camberley School in Hastings is the first Year 6 team from the school in years to enter into the local competition. They don't have the flashest uniform and some of our players dont have the correct footwear and parents can't come to their games as they don't have transport but it doesn't stop them from wanting to play the game. They had their first game last Thursday and they were amazing! The best thing is, is that they had fun and displayed great sportsmanship. Their coach is a wonderful woman that doesn't have children that attend the school but is willing to help anyway. If she didn't these girls would miss out again. #gratefulparent #proudstaffmember"

With a nomination like that, how could we not select them as this weeks winner!

Our videographer will be down at the Hastings Sports Park this Thursday 28 May to film all the action of their game against Hastings Central Blues!

Check back here next week for the video highlights!

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