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We offer a range of services to help you get connected and stay safe on our networks..

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Find out more about our Electricity and Fibre network.

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A range of Network Services to help you connect to, and stay safe on, our network.

Get trees trimmed or report a problem tree

Protect your electricity supply and your safety by getting our expert arborists to keep your trees clear of powerlines. 

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Find underground cables

Use our Cable Location Service before you dig to avoid the risk of hitting a live electricity or fibre cable. 

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Get an alteration to my power supply

If your electricity supply needs have changed, we can help you.

Upgrade or downgrade my power supply »

Get a safety disconnection or reconnection

Work safely around power lines by getting a temporary disconnection.

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Get electrical work done

We can help maintain privately-owned electricity supply equipment and assets.

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Get a permit

If you need to work near our lines, we can provide permits for high loads or working within four meters of our lines.

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High Load Permit »

Get a permanent disconnection

If a connection is no longer required, because a property is being redeveloped, a building demolished or a house removed, request a permanent disconnection.

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