Unison's Greatest Supporter Programme

Nate Bailey Completes his Mission for May!

Unison's Greatest Supporter for May, Nate Bailey has successfully completed his mission for May, after submitting a video of him teaching his baby sister a thing or two about electrical safety!

Having been tasked with a safety focussed ‘mission’, to write a song, rap or poem around electrical safety, Nate's video shows him telling his sister how to stay safe around Unison's electrical assets out in the community.
In return for successfully completing his mission, Nate was presented his awesome prize pack, today during hockey practice.

His team mates were also lucky enough to be treated to a chocolate 'Greatest Supporter' cupcake!

Thanks Nate - you've definitely shown us you're Unison's Greatest Supporter!

To view Nate's mission video - CLICK HERE!

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