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BCG Consultancy Group study – roadmap for a low carbon energy future

Unison, Mercury, Meridian, Contact, Genesis, Manawa, Todd Corporation, Vector, Orion, Powerco, Wellington Electricity and Lodestone Energy have commissioned an independent study to provide a constructive whole of electricity sector view on how best to decarbonise Aotearoa’s economy.

The challenge of decarbonising New Zealand’s energy system is complex and requires public and private sectors to work together to ensure the best outcome for this country.

There’s already a lot of activity and investment underway to increase renewable electricity and electrify other sectors, but there’s no whole of sector view that clearly articulates the best route to a low carbon energy system.

The independent study will be led by the Boston Consultancy Group and will be released on completion later this year.

A letter to key government Ministers on this work, along with the current terms of reference document is available to read by clicking here.

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