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Altering my power supply

Altering my Power Supply

If you require an increase or decrease in the power supplied to your property, we call this an ‘alteration’ to your electricity supply.

Most residential homes have what is known as a ‘single phase’ connection supplying 230 volts, which is more than enough to power our day-to-day lives. Compare this to a major commercial operation with big machines operating 24/7, which needs a supply of 11,000 volts.

So if you have installed some new equipment, or maybe downgraded your operations, you might want us to alter your supply. To request this, you’ll need to complete our ‘New Connection’ request form, to give us the information we need to provide a quote for the work, and then carry out the upgrade or downgrade. You’ll also need the help of your electrician to complete this process. Please be aware that, depending on the complexity of your request, this process can take from four to sixteen weeks to complete, and may include an engineering fee.