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No power, no hot water

No Power, No Hot Water?

If your power's off or you have no hot water, it may be due to a fault on our network. Our friendly electrical team are able to help you with your power and hot water problems 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Hawke’s Bay Customers

If you are one of our customers in the Napier or Hastings area, call us directly if your power or hot water has gone off unexpectedly.

A member of our fault response team will be sent out free of charge (in most cases) to check the power lines and fuses delivering electricity to your property for a problem, and repair any faults.

An electrician is unable to perform this check, and will likely charge a call out fee, even if the problem is on Unison’s network. By giving us a call first, we may be able to help you avoid an unnecessary call out fee and get your services restored faster.

Rotorua and Taupo Customers

If you live in Rotorua or Taupo, and have no hot water or power, you’ll need to contact your electricity retailer direct to report the problem (that’s the company you get your power bill from).

Quick Checks You Can Do First

When you phone to let us know you have no hot water or power, we may ask you to perform a few simple checks to help us determine whether the problem is inside your home or on the electricity network outside.

Before calling, it pays to:

  • Check if your neighbours have power – if a number of houses in your area are without power or hot water, it’s likely the problem is on our network and part of a wider power cut. In this case, you can check our current outages to see if your area is affected by a Unison outage, or report a problem in your area.

  • Check the main switch is on at your switchboard– if a fuse is blown, the problem is likely in your home and you may require a call out from an electrician.

  • Try and remember if you turned an appliance on prior to the power fault – if you did, turn off the appliance and check your switchboard fuses.

Protect yourself

Unison is a responsible electricity network operator. We have robust procedures and policies in place to ensure a safe, reliable and secure supply of electricity to our customers. Even with our best endeavours, unfortunately your electricity supply can be interrupted at any time without warning, whether it be weather related, a third party event, or through equipment failure. Because we cannot guarantee an un-interrupted 24/7 supply of electricity, we strongly advise our customers to ensure they have adequate insurance cover, and that they utilise compliant surge protection devices to protect their property. For more information please call Unison on 0800 286 476.