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Electrical Services

Electrical services

Our electrical team offers maintenance and repair services for customers who own their own electricity distribution equipment, such as power poles and power lines.

In most cases, our network ends at the boundary of private property. Any electrical equipment or assets located inside the boundaries of private properties will usually be owned by the property owner. These assets include private service lines (the power line connecting your home to the power lines in the street) and power supplies to dwellings or buildings located in remote locations (for example, paddocks or at the end of long driveways).

In these cases, it is the property owner’s responsibility to ensure electrical assets are in a safe condition at all times.

What happens if I don’t get electrical distribution assets on my property maintained?
  • Well, firstly, electrical equipment that is not properly maintained could pose a significant safety risk to you and any other people who work or live at the premises.
  • There is a higher chance of a power cut to your property, due to equipment failure.
So what kind or risks should I be aware of?
  • Unstable power poles could fall, particularly in harsh weather conditions so ensuring they are well maintained is an important safety measure.

  • Sagging power lines put you at greater risk of coming within four meters of live lines. You may snag vehicles or equipment on the lines, posing a significant risk to your personal safety if not just the cost of repairs.

  • Damaged power boxes contain live cables that, if left exposed, create a significant risk of injury or electrocution, particularly to inquisitive children or pets!

The maintenance of electrical distribution equipment should always be carried out by a professional who is qualified to work on electrical assets.

Our highly skilled and experienced electrical team at Unison Contracting can assess your electrical assets and provide a quote for any repairs or maintenance needed, before it becomes a problem.