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Applying for funding

Applying for funding

As we are involved in many community activities and provide funding to a variety of different organisations, at this time, we are not actively seeking new sponsorship opportunities.

However, if after reading our Sponsorship Criteria (below) you believe you have a truly extraordinary opportunity for us, we will review your proposal. Please be advised however, that all applications for funding will be evaluated against our current sponsorship portfolio and, while we endeavour to support a wide range of community organisations, it is not possible for us to provide funding to all.

All applications for sponsorship should follow our Funding Application Process.

Sponsorship criteria

Through sponsorship, we aim to achieve the following sponsorship objectives:

  • increased brand image and awareness
  • a positive brand and reputation
  • development and growth
  • increased public safety
  • corporate social responsibility
  • increased community involvement and awareness, and
  • strong customer, shareholder and stakeholder relations

We look for sponsorship opportunities which:

  • contribute to the company in at least one area specified above
  • align with, and support, our purpose, vision and values
  • are fair, friendly, safe and ethical
  • provide opportunity for leverage and publicity
  • are within our distribution network regions - Hawke’s Bay, Rotorua and Taupō, and any region where we may have a presence in the future
  • offer benefit to the communities we operate in, and
  • connect with a community group/organisation, iwi, council, or key customer or stakeholder in the community development, sporting, or cultural areas.

We do not sponsor:

  • events or expenses relating to events occurring outside of Hawke’s Bay, Rotorua or Taupō, and any region where we may have a presence in the future
  • families,
  • individual persons or sporting teams,
  • events which promote alcohol, smoking, violence, use of firearms, harm to the environment or community, gambling/betting, illegal or high-risk activities (for example, extreme sports, motor-racing, hunting etc.).

We are happy to support a range of not-for-profit organisations and causes. In order to ensure our funding reaches a wide range of charitable organisations and causes, please be advised that, under normal circumstances, we will not offer a donation in excess of $250 to any single cause or organisation at any one time.

If your sponsorship or donation opportunity fits within our criteria, please complete and submit our Funding Application Form below.

Funding application process

We have four sponsorship intakes per financial year (April - March). Applicants will be contacted within three weeks of the relevant submission deadline.

Deadlines for our 2024-2025 financial year are:

  • 30 June 2024
  • 30 September 2024
  • 31 December 2024
  • 31 March 2025

To be eligible, all proposals must fall within our Sponsorship Criteria and be submitted via the Funding Application Form (found below).

Contact details
The event, project or opportunity
(e.g. sporting, cultural. arts, environment, charity, entertainment)
(e.g. demographic, age, organisation, community group)
(if applicable)
Sponsorship opportunity
(including how this funding will be used within the event, project or opportunity)
(one-off or ongoing - if ongoing, specify time frame)
(e.g., brand awareness, access to target audiences via activations, signage/branding etc.)
(full list of media benefits for Unison - print, radio, social media etc.)
Additional information

Please attach a proposal which clearly outlines any additional relevant information such as:

  • Area/s in which the event or opportunity could contribute to Unison’s sponsorship objectives (specified in sponsorship criteria).
  • Other sponsors involved.