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Planned power outage to enable further repairs in Taupo

Following the power outage yesterday in Taupo, Unison is working with Transpower NZ to facilitate further necessary repairs.

All efforts are focussed on completing the repairs with minimal disruption to Taupo’s power supply. However to carry out this work, supply will need to be interrupted resulting in a power outage overnight on Tuesday 20 November to customers in Taupo.

Unison Relationship Manager, Danny Gough said, “We are very conscious that our customers and businesses have just experienced a prolonged outage, which is why this work will be undertaken after midnight on Tuesday 20 November”.

Power should be restored by 5am if not sooner.

“We are acutely aware of the disruption that a power cut brings, and we thank everyone for their patience yesterday and overnight this evening while this repair is completed,” he said. 
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