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Powering Thriving Regions: Unison's 10-Year Plan

Powering Thriving Regions

Local electricity distributor, Unison Networks (Unison), is announcing the release of its 10-year Asset Management Plan and is seeking community feedback on the plan. 


Unison’s 10-year plan is a comprehensive roadmap guiding the design, construction, and maintenance of its networks to meet the evolving needs of their regional customers, communities, and businesses, while supporting growth and sustainable development throughout the upcoming decade. 


As the New Zealand electricity sector plays a key role in achieving ambitious emissions reduction targets, this has a considerable impact on Unison’s plans. Combined with regional growth, the need to ensure network resilience in the face of the increasing frequency of extreme weather events, and Unison’s duty to deliver affordable network access, the plan outlines the need for responsible investment for successful outcomes. Unison is dedicated to maintaining and upgrading the network, so that consumers pay the least necessary to keep the network running efficiently.  


Unison’s General Manager Networks and Operations, Gaganpreet Chadha, said he’s looking forward to sharing Unison’s plans with the community and is excited to watch the plans unfold throughout the coming decade. 


“We have a lot of important work planned for the coming years as our regions continue to grow and evolve. We’ve carefully planned out the crucial infrastructure developments necessary based on the need to continue to decarbonise, key trends in how people’s lifestyles are changing, where people will be living, and where industry is expanding across Rotorua, Taupō, and Hawke’s Bay.” 


“As we balance the needs of sustainability, affordability, and resilience, we are being deliberate in our actions to ensure the best solutions are in place to meet the needs of our regional communities. Through our use of new technologies and data, we’re entering a new phase of network management, helping us improve efficiencies in how we operate.” 


A key element of Unison’s vision, as outlined in the first few pages of the guide, is to "enable our communities' sustainable energy future." This vision underscores Unison's commitment to transparency, community engagement, and empowering the community in the journey towards a more resilient energy future. 


“Unison is committed to keeping our communities and customers informed of what is happening on our network as we build for a more resilient energy future. A big part of that is ensuring our plans are easily accessible and more approachable for the community,” said Chadha. 


Unison invites all customers and community members to explore the 10-year plan to learn more. A summary of the plan, along with a survey to collect community feedback, is available online now.


In August, Unison will host regional community events to present their 10-year plans in person. These events will provide an opportunity to connect with the community and discuss the initiatives shaping the future of electricity distribution throughout their network regions.  


Community meeting locations: 

Rotorua: Tuesday 13 August, 5:30 – 6:30pm, Sir Howard Morrison Centre, Fenton Street Rotorua. 

Taupō: Wednesday 14 August, 5:30 – 6:30pm, Taupō Event Centre, 26 A C Baths Avenue, Tauhara.  

Hastings: Thursday 15 August, 5:30 – 6:30pm, Te Rae, 101 Queen St East, Hastings.


The summarised plan: https://www.unison.co.nz/tell-me-about/unison-group/publications-disclosures/asset-management-plan/ 

2024-34 Regulatory Asset Management Plan available here: https://www.unison.co.nz/media/iupbvgvp/unison-regulatory-asset-management-plan-2024.pdf 

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