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The rEVolution is Here: Rotorua’s First EV Fast Charger Kept Busy by EV Drivers

Four weeks after its launch, electric vehicle (EV) owners are making the most of Rotorua’s first public fast-charging station.

The charger has already been used 102 times and delivered enough energy to drive over 5,500 kilometres, which is equivalent to driving right around New Zealand – including both the North and South Island.

Electric vehicle owner and visitor to Rotorua, Steve Withers used the charger on Thursday 8 September on his 524 km trip from Auckland to Rotorua and back.

“I bought my first EV, a Nissan LEAF, about four months ago. I bought it because I wanted to reduce my carbon footprint and do my bit for climate change. I love it.

“Making the mental transition from petrol car habits to electric car habits has been fascinating and challenging. But once you have your head around the specifics of driving an EV, like charging, it’s not a problem. Particularly with rapid charge stations like this becoming more widespread.

“This charger is an important power bridge between Hamilton, Tauranga and Thames and cities further south, allowing EV drivers to travel faster around this part of New Zealand than they could before.”

Unison Group Chief Executive, Ken Sutherland said the Company was pleased visitors to Rotorua and local EV owners like Steve were making the most of Unison’s Power Park.

"We are really pleased with the uptake. It’s our role to provide efficient network solutions for our customers and installing fast charging stations in our network regions is part of that solution.”

Unison’s electric vehicle charging station is free to use until 1 February 2017, and 40c/minute thereafter, so a typical charge for 20-30 minutes will cost $8.00-$12.00.

Those interested in learning more about electric vehicles or Unison’s ‘Power Park’ charging stations can visit its website at www.unison.co.nz/electric-vehicle-charging.

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