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Unison completes final stage in Guppy Road project

Guppy Road in Taradale has seen a significant visual improvement with Unison completing the last stage of its OHUG (conversion of overhead assets to underground) project.

Those travelling along Guppy Road in Taradale will notice a significant visual improvement with Unison having completed the final stage of its OHUG (conversion of overhead assets to underground) project.

The final stage of the project, which began in early August, saw Unison’s electrical assets undergrounded during last month.

Unison Relationship Manager, Danny Gough said Unison is very thankful for the public’s cooperation throughout the project and is pleased with how it has all come together.

"Thanks to everyone, particularly those residents and frequent commuters, for your ongoing patience over the last few months as our crews worked to move the overhead powerlines along Guppy Road to underground.

“Whilst we understand and apologise for any disruptions that our work has caused; with up to 7,000 vehicles travelling along this section of road each day we are confident that you will be very pleased with the result.

“The undergrounding of powerlines has several distinct benefits for our customers and communities, namely the safety improvements by removing the risk of vehicles hitting the poles, improved reliability and security of power supply in your area by having new underground cables installed where they cannot be impacted by severe weather events, and of course the positive visual impact because of the poles and lines being removed,” says Danny.

This Guppy Road project was prioritised based on asset age, condition and the criticality of the existing infrastructure.

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