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Unison invites community contributions to mark centenary

Unison is proud to celebrate 100 years of powering Hawke’s Bay on 19 June 2024 and is inviting contributions from the community to collectively tell the story of Unison’s journey in the region.

From its establishment as the Hawke’s Bay Electric Power Board on 19 June 1924, Unison has been an integral part of the local economy and Hawke’s Bay. The centenary offers a unique opportunity for reflection, celebration, and anticipation of what the future holds.

A focal point of the centennial celebration is the collection and display of stories that detail Unison's journey over the last 100 years. Unison is inviting current and former staff, and all those who have been a part of its journey to share stories, photos and items that can be showcased as part of an interactive exhibition at the Faraday Museum in Napier from June through August.

Evolving from a small local lines company to a group of specialist electricity companies located all over the world, Unison continues to innovate and grow all whilst powering its regions of Hawke’s Bay, Taupō and Rotorua. Unison has powered countless homes, supported the development of business and economic growth, and backed the wellbeing of its communities through its wide range of sponsorships.

Unison Group Chief Executive, Jaun Park shares his enthusiasm for the centenary, underlining the vital role of community participation in enriching the celebration.

“We're proud of our history and the role we've played in the community for the past 100 years. As we mark a century of service, it is essential to honour and acknowledge the people who have been a part of our journey. This milestone not only allows us to reflect on our past achievements but also serves as an inspiration for future innovations.

“We want to hear from everyone connected to Unison’s story, past and present. This is not just Unison’s history, this is the shared history of our region. Celebrate with us, share your memories, your photographs, and your stories for everyone in the community to enjoy,” said Mr Park.

Unison has set up a special Facebook group named “Celebrating 100 Years of Unison (Hawke’s Bay Electric Power Board)” where everyone can share their memories, or you can make contact via email or post. For more details visit www.unison.co.nz/100-years.

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