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Unison kicks off a sustainable future

HB Hockey Community Manager, Andrea Leydesdorff, Central Football CEO, Darren Mason, Unison Relationship Manager, Danny Gough, HB Rugby Union CEO, Jay Campbell and HB Netball General Manager, Tina Arlidge sporting Unison’s 2020 Greatest Supporter kit.

Unison Networks has kicked off a recycling programme for pre-loved Greatest Supporter bags and drink bottles as part of its refreshed vision to lead a sustainable energy future.

The recycling scheme will see Unison, with the support of its sponsorship partners – Hawke’s Bay Rugby Union, Hawke’s Bay Hockey, Hawke’s Bay Netball and Central Football – collect and re-home previous seasons’ Greatest Supporter bags and arrange for drink bottles to be recycled.

Collection bins will be located at Hawke’s Bay Rugby Union, Hawke’s Bay Hockey and Hawke’s Bay Netball offices from mid-April, and at the Central Football Junior tournament on Saturday 30 May.

Unison Relationship Manager, Danny Gough said Unison encourages the community to support the initiative by bringing their pre-loved Greatest Supporter bags and drink bottles to their relevant sports’ collection point.

“Several years ago, Unison committed to helping its communities to prosper and while we’ve made good progress, we need to keep evolving, adapting and transforming. This means minimising our own impact on the environment and supporting our local communities in different ways.

“Re-homing past years’ Greatest Supporter bags and recycling drink bottles is just the first step in this journey to providing a more sustainable kit, and we are ultimately calling on the community to support the initiative for it to be a success.

“We’re extremely proud that our partnerships are helping to encourage healthy, active children in Hawke’s Bay and we look forward to extending this support by doing our bit for the environment,” Mr Gough said.

Central Football Chief Executive Officer, Darren Mason said partnering with Unison means the Federation has the opportunity to be actively involved in important community initiatives such as the recycling programme.

“Football is known as the ‘world game’ which means we have a significant reach to the diverse community and people involved. This enables us to play a key role in supporting the recycling programme, while promoting awareness and education in the football community around how we can all play a part in moving towards a sustainable future,” Mr Mason said.

Along with the recycling programme, Unison is moving towards a more sustainable Greatest Supporter kit, with metal drink bottles and whistles – instead of plastic – and using eco-friendly FSC* paper for its included safety messaging. The company is also looking to introduce eco-friendly bags in 2021.

Around 14,000 children across Hawke’s Bay, Taupo and Rotorua will receive a Greatest Supporter kit this year.

*Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper has been harvested in a responsible manner.


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