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Unison’s world leading sustainable substation shared with community

Unison's Windsor Substation Switchroom, Sylvan Road, Hastings

Hastings communities will, for the very first time, have a chance to meet and learn from sustainable building design and industry experts about Unison’s world leading sustainable substation design and the international Living Building Challenge in early February.

Unison won the coveted Low-Carbon Future Award at last year’s New Zealand Energy Excellence Awards for its pioneering sustainability work on its Windsor substation switchroom. Since then, the team has worked closely with Living Building Challenge experts as it strives to achieve international certification in what will be a world first.

Unison is inviting the community to learn more about the award-winning project at the Windsor Substation and how its design was influenced by the Living Building Challenge philosophy on Thursday 9 February at 5.30pm at the Harriers Hall next to the Windsor Substation on Sylvan Road, Parkvale.

The Living Building Challenge is an international certification recognising sustainable and regenerative buildings that are self-sufficient, remain within the resource limits of their site, and give back more than they take.

Assisted by Charissa Snijders Architect and Tricia Love Consultants Ltd, experts from across the sustainable building industry, Unison engineers designed and built Windsor Substation switchroom to be modular, meaning it can be replicated and built again across the network, and relocatable.

In a first for the industry, it has been designed and built in a way that reduces carbon footprint and uses materials that are kind on the environment and people.

The significant sustainability features of Windsor Substation are:

  • A 363% reduction in carbon compared to a typical substation
  • Solar energy powered, with excess energy sent back to the grid
  • Captures and recycles water
  • Constructed using locally sourced, repurposed and environmentally friendly materials
  • Native habitat established

Jaun Park, Chief Operating Officer of Unison Networks said it was an exciting opportunity to showcase the award-winning Windsor substation design to the community.

“Unison’s vision is to lead a sustainable energy future that supports consumers’ changing energy needs, while enabling our communities to prosper for generations to come.

“Rebuilding Windsor Substation switchroom presented an opportunity for Unison to materialise our vision and showcase how modern substations can be safe and functional, as well as flexible, sustainable and beautiful.

“The project has had the involvement of a number of design and sustainability experts and we are excited to be able to share the philosophy and learnings with our local community,” said Mr Park.

The event takes place on Thursday 9 February at 5.30pm at the Hastings Harrier Hall, next to the Windsor Substation on Sylvan Road, Hastings. It will include presentations and opportunities for questions, along with a walking tour to explore the features of the building, should weather permit.

Unison’s sustainability and risk manager Aryero Kothroulas will be presenting Unison’s vision for a sustainable energy future, along with past project engineering lead Paul Humphreys followed by Environmental Consultant, Tricia Love from Tricia Love Consultants and Architect, Charissa Snijders from Charissa Snijders Architect talking about the project and design.
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