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Unison to participate in EnergyMate pilot supporting vulnerable families

Rotorua Electricity Distributor, Unison Networks is partnering with electricity retailers, community organisations, other lines companies and the New Zealand Government to launch a free, home-based energy coaching service, EnergyMate.

EnergyMate aims to reduce electricity costs for families at the highest risk of energy hardship, enabling them to live in warmer, healthier homes.

Unison Relationship Manager, Danny Gough said the pilot will help vulnerable families to heat their homes in the most cost-effective way possible.

“We see our involvement in this pilot as a great way to support families to make their homes warmer and healthier. Through its simple tips, EnergyMate helps these families achieve a more energy efficient home, while ensuring they are on the best pricing plan and connecting them with other services, such as budgeting support or home insulation,” said Mr Gough.

EnergyMate will be delivered by community-based financial mentors and initially trialled across 150 families in Rotorua, South Auckland and Porirua.
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