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Unison Warns Pokémon Go Players to Play Safe Near Electricity

Unison Warns Pokémon Go Players to Play Safe Near Electricity

Electricity distributor Unison Networks is warning Pokémon Go players to stay away from power lines, boxes, substations and electrical worksites when playing the new ‘augmented reality’ game.

Pokémon Go, a popular new mobile game, encourages players to locate virtual Pokémon hiding in the real world and capture them using their mobile phone.

Released in New Zealand last week, the app has been downloaded by millions of users globally. Unison wants to ensure it does not result in members of the public entering dangerous situations.

“High voltage areas where there are power lines, power boxes, substations and electrical worksites are no place for games,” says Unison Relationship Manager, Danny Gough.

“Unfortunately we can’t control where the Pokémon pop up, so we need players to make sure they catch their Pokémon from a safe distance. Never attempt to climb on power lines or  power boxes, or enter substations and electrical worksites, because we all know electricity can kill,” he says.

Unison is also asking parents of children who play the game to talk to their children about how to be safe around electricity.

Important safety reminders
• Stay away from power boxes, substations and electrical worksites.
• Never jump, sit, kick or poke anything inside a power box.
• Don’t climb or throw things into power lines.
• Stay away from power lines that have fallen on the ground. You can still get a shock.
• Trees growing into power lines can give you a shock. Make sure you always look up and check for power lines before climbing a tree.

For further information about safety around electricity visit http://www.unison.co.nz/tell-me-about/safety
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