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Euan Sherratt - Unison Engineering Scholarship Graduate 2022

Euan Sherratt graduated from the University of Auckland with an Electrical Engineering degree. He is now the current Unison Scholarship graduate, working full-time at Unison. Check out what he's said about the Unison Scholarship and how its helped him achieve his goals.

What have you gained from taking part in the Unison Engineering Scholarship?

As well as financial assistance, I have gained a great insight into the power distribution industry, while developing professional and personal skills that will be a real benefit my future career.

How do you find working at Unison?

Unison is an excellent employer that looks after its staff. I am fortunate to work with a great group of passionate and supportive people and am thankful for the constant opportunities to learn and grow. If you are considering Electrical or Mechatronics Engineering, I recommend applying for the Unison Scholarship programme.

What's been a highlight of your time at Unison so far?

Diving into to the detail and analysing a massive amount of collected data, then using various software to find smart ways to visualise the data to assist our understanding of the current and future state of the network. I really enjoy using business intelligence tools to improve and automate processes, leading to a more efficient way of doing things, as well as investigating new technologies that could solve network challenges.

How did the scholarship help you achieve your goal at University?

The scholarship has enabled me to join an industry I am passionate about. As well as that, it has opened doors to develop a network with previous graduates and colleagues who provide me invaluable advice and assistance.

Where do you hope to see yourself in 5 years’ time?

Working to solve the emerging challenges within the electricity industry.

Rhett Mulinder - Current Unison Engineering Scholar

Rhett Mulinder is a currently studying at Massey University and is the current Unison Engineering Scholarship recipient. Have a look at what Rhett has to say about the Unison Scholarship. 

What have you gained from taking part in the Unison Engineering Scholarship?

It’s given me a foot in the door of the engineering workplace, helping me to learn first-hand what working as an engineer day-to-day is all about.

What are you looking forward to most about working at Unison this summer?

The opportunity to further my knowledge as an electrical engineer and learn more about different areas of the network as a whole.

How is the scholarship helping you achieve your University goals?

It allows me to complete crucial practical hours for my university papers, as well as the funds to further my learning. I recommend the scholarship programme to anyone who is considering applying.

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

Working at Unison, climbing the ranks of the company with all of the hands-on knowledge that comes from working on the job.