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Our vision and values

Our purpose, vision and values

Unison’s vision is to lead a sustainable energy future that supports consumer’s changing energy needs, while enabling our communities to prosper for generations to come.

Today, the way we use electricity is changing. Technologies such as solar, battery and electric vehicles are becoming more popular and affordable. We still need energy to power our lives, but how we get that energy and what we use it for is rapidly transforming.

As a network that distributes electricity, our job is to provide a safe, reliable and affordable supply, while integrating new platforms that support people using solar, battery and electric vehicles.

We want to be a leader in delivering smart, sustainable solutions that enable people’s energy choices, while lowering the cost to everyone and improving the electricity system.

Leading a sustainable energy future is about operating in a way that harmonises between being a successful business, maintaining and enhancing our social licence and protecting the environment.

Our vision to lead a sustainable energy future inspires and compels us to innovate and enable the delivery of smart energy solutions through a dynamic, flexible and sustainable electricity system. This will improve peoples’ lives with greater choice and better value, thereby achieving our purpose of enabling communities to prosper.

We are dedicated to achieving this goal by living our values of Safety & Wellbeing, Excellence, Customer Service, Integrity and Team Work.

We care for the safety and wellbeing of our people, families and communities.

We take pride in what we do and always look for opportunities to be the best.

We create great customer experiences by understanding our customers' needs.

We do what we say, earning respect by being honest, fair and doing the right thing.

We work together as ‘one team’.