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Camberley Substation

Camberley Substation

Powering a Sustainable Future

Say goodbye to the outdated 11kV and 33kV switchgears at the Camberley Substation! It's time for a major upgrade to meet the growing electricity demand of our community.

Camberley Substation is located on Orchard Road, Hastings, servicing around 2,840 residential and commercial accounts in the area. The upgrade presents an exciting opportunity to incorporate sustainable building practices and pave the way for more innovative and eco-friendly substations across our network.

Supporting local growth

With a significant boost in capacity, which is nearly quadrupling from 7.5 MVA to an impressive 28.5 MVA, this new substation will meet the growing electricity demands of our region, including some important  local infrastructure projects like Hawke's Bay hospital upgrades, the new Kaweka hospital, Hastings District Council's Frimley water storage and treatment plant, and electric vehicle fast charging outlets. It will enable our customers to continue their decarbonisation journey as the country transitions to a zero-carbon future.

Helping our customers on their decarbonisation journey?

There are a number of ways that the additional capacity created by the new Camberley substation will help our customers to continue their decarbonisation journey. These include:

  • Allowing organisations to move away from tradition coal and gas-fired boilers.
  • Meeting extra demand as households transition to sustainability, through efficient heating, hot water systems and electric vehicle purchases.
  • Installation of more electric vehicle fast and ultra-fast charging systems.

Taking inspiration from Windsor Switchroom

This upgrade is more than just about an increase in capacity. It's an opportunity for Unison to construct a brand new, state-of-the-art substation that takes inspiration from our highly successful Windsor 11kV Switchroom, which achieved a world-first Living Building Challenge Vs 4.0 Petal certification. We are committed to leading the way towards a sustainable energy future that improves our communities for generations to come. By thoughtfully designing the new substation to complement the local environment, using eco-friendly materials like cross laminated timber, we aim to minimise its carbon footprint and set a new standard for environmentally friendly substations.

Unison Group leading the way

This project showcases the fantastic collaboration between Unison and its subsidiaries. Camberley will be the first in our region to utilise new RPS 33kV circuit breakers and showcase two transformers from ETEL. We're proud to be at the forefront of cutting-edge technology and sustainable solutions.

Timeline for the project

Please note that there will be lane closures and traffic management measures implemented during project timeline.

October – December 2023  Site preparation works 
January – February 2024  Existing site will be de-energised and demolished 
March – September 2024  New switchroom constructed 
October – December 2024  Electrical installation and other site works completed 
January 2025  Site re-livened to supply electricity 

What is a substation?

Substations, like Camberley, play a crucial role in how Unison supplies electricity to the community. They not only transform voltage from high to low (or the reverse) but also perform other essential functions.

Traditionally, substations have been built without considering their environmental impact. That's why we're taking a proactive approach to ensure our substations are sustainable and environmentally friendly. With 25 substations managed and maintained in Hawke's Bay, Unison is committed to powering our community in a way that not only meets energy needs but also protects the environment.