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Power at my Farm

Power at my Farm

Ensure you’re aware of the important electricity supply information affecting your farm or rural property.

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Who owns the electrical assets on my property?

Unison own, manage and maintain all electrical assets located outside the boundaries of private properties in Hastings, Napier, Rotorua and Taupo.

Usually, any electrical assets inside your property boundary, such as power lines and poles, underground cables and power boxes will in most cases be owned by the property owner. This includes assets supplying power to pumps, sheds, and other buildings such as shearers' accommodation.

In these cases, you are responsible for all management and maintenance (and the associated costs) of these assets. For example, if there is a problem or damage to the service line connecting your house or woolshed to Unison’s power lines at the roadside, in most cases you will be responsible for all costs associated with repairing the line.

Ensuring your privately-owned electricity assets are in a safe operating condition is crucial for rural landowners, not only to reduce a loss of productivity from asset failure, but also to ensure your own safety.

If you’re unsure, or would like to confirm, who owns the lines or other electrical assets on your property, please contact us on 0800 2 UNISON (0800 2 86476) or fill out this form here.