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Tree planting guide

Tree Planting Guide

Unison recommends that you do not plant trees near power lines. However, if you do decide to plant a tree anywhere near power lines, please choose your tree carefully. Trees and vegetation growing near power lines cause around 20% of unplanned power outages - and they could put you in danger!

As a tree owner, you are responsible for the costs of keeping trees trimmed and outside of the Growth Limit Zone, near power lines. As outlined in the Electricity (Hazard from Trees) Regulations 2003, tree owners could face penalties for failing to keep trees clear of power lines and may be responsible for the costs of damage to power lines or equipment, caused by a tree.

To avoid the risk and costs of trees growing too close to power lines, it pays to choose your trees carefully before planting.

The trees listed in the brochure below are suitable for planting under or anywhere near power lines as they are least likely to grow high or wide enough to cause problems with overhead power lines.

And remember, before you plant, always remember to look up for power lines, and consider how big the tree will be in the future!