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Unison's EV journey

Unison leading a sustainable energy future, starting with EV's

Unison and our peers in Electricity Networks Aotearoa (ENA) are actively collaborating with installers like Chargenet to plan and efficiently rollout the public charging infrastructure needed across our regions. As an industry we’re working on greater standardisation of the process and costs of projects to support installers, so it is more viable for them to expand their network of chargers. We’re also talking to the government about changing industry regulations to help distributors to reduce the costs of installation projects.

Unison ETruck

We’re buzzing to see our first fully-electric operational vehicle, the Etruck E300 traffic management truck, quietly and cleanly working the streets of Hawke's Bay.

Our ETruck is capable of travelling up to 250km on a charge, is low-maintenance, and produces zero emissions into our environment.

The electrification of vehicles plays an important role in contributing to global decarbonisation efforts and for some years Unison has been evaluating options for our vehicle fleet, as part of our sustainability journey. Five of our pool cars are now electric and three are hybrids and we’re continuing to trial the best possible ways that we can further electrify our fleet