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Going Electric

Going Electric

Electric vehicles (EV’s) are a great and increasingly affordable form of transport that can make a positive contribution to reducing NZ’s greenhouse gas emissions. There is a wide and growing choice of EV’s available to buyers on the NZ Market, and they offer a great driving experience, increasingly higher driving range and performance, as well as being friendly to our environment.

New Zealand’s electricity system is also ideally suited to electric vehicles. We have a 230-volt electricity distribution system, rather than the lower 110-volt system in the United States, meaning it takes much less time to recharge vehicles. Plus, with almost all our electricity coming from renewable generation sources like hydro-dams, wind and solar farms, the energy used to charge cars is ‘green’, and much better for our environment than petrol or diesel.

EV’S are an appealing transport option

The range, performance, and affordability of EV’s is improving all the time with new models released on to the market every year. They are getting faster, going further, and offering ever more driving features. EV’s are also much cheaper to run and maintain than a conventional petrol-powered car. Electricity costs a lot less than petrol, and because EV’s have fewer moving parts than internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles there’s less to maintain or replace. So, the running costs for an EV are a lot lower than for an ICE car. Use this link to calculate the costs of EV ownership Cost of Ownership Calculator.

Many EV models available now have a range of 300-400kms plus, which is plenty for most people’s daily commuting and even for trips between cities, where you can usually find a public charger to top your EV up. Given that most Kiwi’s never travel more than 50km in a day, most owners will only need to charge or top up their EV’s every few days, maybe even weekly, making them a practical transport option.

Key benefits of EV's

  • Cheaper and more efficient to run than a petrol or diesel-powered car.
  • Environmentally friendly - 80% fewer CO2 emissions than a patrol car used in NZ.
  • Quieter and faster to drive - instant acceleration and the calm silence of an EV motor.
  • Charge up at home overnight - saves you time at the petrol station.
  • Will reduce New Zealand's dependence on foreign oil.

Guides to Buying an EV

To find the EV type and model that’s right for you, use these links for information on the types of EV vehicles ( BEV’s, PHEV’s, Hybrids) available Guide to Buying an EV, and these links for profiles and comparison of key EV models available for sale on the NZ market Compare EV's available in NZ Drive Electric Profiles. Electric Heaven Car Guide